Thursday, November 8, 2012

Context on LGBTQ(Q)

Class Discussion:

LGBTQ(Q): Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, (Questioning)

A physical, intellectual, spiritual, romantic connection, and attraction

Sex is your biology, your hormones, your body parts, your chromosomes, etc.

Gender is how you perceive your sense of male and female in the world and how you identify with it

Hermaphrodite- a medical term for people who have both male and female hormones (don’t call anyone a Hermaphrodite)

FTM à transman
MTF à transwoman

When someone has undergone medical change in sex

- The idea that all people, in its passive form, have a biological sex and gender identity and the way they present themselves align

- When their biological sex and gender identity and the way they present themselves are different

No one knows why people are transgender, they are strongly aware of who they are at a young age and a lot of the pressure allows them to become depressed, suicidal, or drug-users

White Privilege:
Perks of being white

Can’t talk about one without other

“Colored people does not equal “people of color”

Spectrum on How YOU Identify Yourself

Body Chromosomes, Hormones:

Gender Identity:

Gender Presentation:

Sexual Orientation:

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