Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Talking Point's #10

Election Day

I was a first time voter this year!

I want to start of by mentioning some facts that I found on Chris’ blog because it was interesting to learn about something new that I was not aware of. Click on the links that I have added so that you are able to read more about these below.

Election day for me went by fairly quick because I felt like the whole day I anticipated going out to vote. I did not want to go alone since it was going to be my first time so I waited for my mom to get out of work, but the wait seemed to never end. As I waited at home, there was a group of people that came to my house. They were canvassing the neighborhood to make sure people were going out to vote, inform them their polling location and to stress the importance of going out to vote. This reminded me of the years that I reached out to voters via telephone, and also canvassed neighborhoods, where I encouraging voters to exercise their right to vote as well.
Time kept ticking and it was already 7:30pm, thirty minutes before the polling place closed. My mom finally got home but because she was only on her break, we had to hurry to our polling location. We got there 5 minutes before the polling place closed, I was getting worried for a sec, that I would miss my chance to vote. We made it so I was happy! So we walked in and I walked over to one of the ladies that was sitting at a table signing people in and she asked for my ID. I took out my wallet in order to grab my ID but for some reason, my cards just did not want to come out of my wallet (considering that I had clumps of cards in my wallet for no reason). I started to take all my cards out so that I’d be able to get my ID. At that moment I was just thinking to my self like why had I not gotten prepared for this at home while I waiting to come vote. The lady started laughing because it was quite funny that my ID was literally stuck in my wallet. I finally got it out and I handed her my ID. I was finally able to get my ballot. I just thought to myself, “I am finally going to vote”. I walked over to the booth and let my voice be heard. I felt powerful because my opinion was going to matter this year. 


  1. As long as you vote, it doesn't matter what the outcome is. I see it as if you voice your opinion, then you can complain if the outcome isn't what you wanted. However, if you don't voice you can't complain

  2. Congrats that you voted on the election. I think your voice matters and it is great that you voiced your opinion. Yah, to you.