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This seminar was something like no other. We were taught as females with vaginas or "front holes" some tricks of masturbating. Doesn't that right there say a lot about how intense this workshop was? There was only about ten of us there altogether and I knew almost everyone there that attended so I was comfortable enough to ask questions and learn new things about sex related topics.
I related this to the day we spend in class talking about LGBTQ(Q) terminology with Chris because during the seminar it was expressed to us that a lot of men and women say vagina, but that is such a general name for the whole area so when we talk about the vagina it is important that we are more specific in order to be more familiar with it. Deirdre, our seminar leader gave us some good examples of what to say in order to be more specific when talking about the vagina: Vulva, front hole.

Here are some of the notes I took:

Vulvas, vaginas, and front holes

“Vaginas are like snowflakes”

- A lot of women have low genital self esteem because of porn. In porn every girl looks the same down there, their genital areas look the same, so women have this idea that it is how they should look. There are women who have actually went ahead and have gotten surgery in order to fit in and feel good about their vagina. 

Sex Terminology:

Dominance and Submission

- manipulations and when power and the level of consent is kind of grey for both the partners

Erotica – Tristan Taormino

- diluted urine because what happens is that your hitting the g-spot which when you stimulate the gspot your release

The Vaginal Wall
- When you get wet it comes out of your vaginal wall

The clitoris
- very sensitive it has 1000 nerve reckoning more than a penis

Most mainstream tampons
- Example: Playtex, contain bleach and chlorine these things are touching your Mucus membrane

Kids grow up feeling shame and guilt when they touch their private areas
- when for example a grown up sees a little kid touching themselves they smack their hand and tell them to stop, this causes them to feel shameful
- They learn to close up to this topic and are less likely to talk about sex with the parents unless the parents make the first step to talk about it

Menstrual cup- sold at whole foods near the tampons
Good brand names of the menstrual cups are: Dive cup or The Keeper 

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSX)

The most sensitive part of the penis is the frenulum, located at the bottom of the head

When a male is about to cum the balls come closer to them because its warmer

When using lube, it should sink right into your skin like lotion

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